Business Outsourcing establishes a streamlined business process to handle large volumes of back-end tasks, and in return, you reap the long-term benefits of a reduced overall cost, increased accuracy and efficiency, and a quick turnaround!

We work with an increasingly wide variety of organizations that exist in today's global business environment. With simple, streamlined solutions, we can help you solve even the toughest business needs. 


Dedicated Project Management

Your project manager is your main point of contact and will communicate between you and your team. Their job is to fully understand your project and ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Work Volume

We provide highly qualified staff that has both deep industry knowledge and extensive work experience to scale and meet your daily requirements.

High Cost

Appel streamlines your current process to reduce both cycle time and your operational costs while improving efficiency.

Time Zone Advantage

The team works round the clock to ensure production never stops. Our goal is to deliver success by meeting your deadlines to help your business grow.

Outsourcing Solutions in industries we specialize


BPO Services for Medico-Legal -  Appel Solutions provides end to end outsourcing solutions to a variety of clients in the Medical, Legal, and Pharmaceutical sectors.

BPO Services for Life Care Planners & Vocational Rehabilitation Experts - Appel Solutions provides the assistance required by Experts to be able to prepare Life care planning reports.

BPO services for Leasing and Rental Services - Appel Solutions provides end to end outsourcing solutions to a variety of clients in the leasing and mobility sectors.  Invoice, Insurance Applications, Claims, and Driver dues Follow-Ups.

BPO services for Small Businesses - Appel Solutions provides services to many industries, you could be a single person firm or a multi-person firm. We are happy to assist you with our Voice, IT, Data Entry, or Back office Support Solutions.