Back Office BPO Services have been one of the prime reasons why a lot of companies small or large business companies have been successful efficiently using their data in the recent past. These services have helped the organizations to stay on course with their core operations and leave the non-core ones to be performed by the businesses that specialize in performing these services. This is the way you get the best of both worlds. These services have been highly beneficial for the companies that aim to optimize every operation and harness their data to perform better quality of operations. The industry has evolved continuously. The trends and techniques within the industry keep on changing and a company needs to change alongside changing trends.

Appel Solutions creates a customized Back Office Outsourcing Team comprised of a dedicated Project Manager who has the experience and industry knowledge to fully transform your current process to boost efficiency, accuracy, and success!

Data Entry Transformation Solutions

Transform to Increase Productivity   - When accuracy and security matter, Appel Solutions puts the most skilled data entry personnel with in-depth industry knowledge to provide accurate and efficient data entry services.

Quality assurance process that utilizes both a programmatic and manual set of checks and balances to ensure the highest of data accuracy.

Document Processing Solutions

Enhance Your Process Through Technology  - Utilizing the Appel Cloud Platform we take the most time-consuming processes and automate to reduce TAT’s  and improve productivity for all of your case processing needs

Invoice Processing Solutions

Securely Managing Confidential Data - Appel provides application and invoice data processing services to clients. Leasing & Rental, Medical, Auto, & Insurance must be completed quickly, securely, and accurately.